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Monday, September 26, 2011

"Zack Ops" Party

Phew! I am soo glad that is over! Who's idea was it to have yet another party at Chuck E Cheese??? Oh yeah, my wonderful son. Well, anyways, they had a blast...and the cake, well in the end it turned out AWESOME! But...it did not start out that way. First, let me show you a couple of pics of the finished product, then I will tell you the story of our "almost disaster".

 Zackary's  6th Birthday Cake

                                                   Up Close Shot of the Battlefield

Okay, so its not round...Zack's choice, and it definitely looks more like a war zone. That too was Zack's decision. But all in all, I think it turned out pretty stinkin' awesome...considering.

I started out by baking the large rectangle on the bottom, and a smaller square for the top. Well... they both stuck in the pans, and only half of each came out when I turned them upside down. I was devastated, to say the least...mainly because I procrastinated (like always) and waited till the last minute to bake the cake. So I had absolutely no time to bake another one, but alas! My friendly neighborhood Publix bakery gave me a plain, undecorated cake to take home and decorate myself. Thank God for Publix, hehe! Once I got it home, I added some of the remnants of the other two cakes to make the hill, and added all of the decorations, and Voila! Zack Ops Cake was born! If you can't tell, I'm pretty proud of this one, and so was my son, he absolutely loved it!  

Tomorrow I will be posting a great little Halloween project I did with Krylon Glitter Blast, so until next time...

Ok,  I had to add a few little extra photos from the party:
Very creative parent brought this for Zack..Love it!
The little guy in the back corner is him, after he saw that his candles kept relighting..giggle giggle!
Just had to show this...one of the dads even came dressed in Camoflage, so cute!

Till next time...


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connie said...

What an awesome cake and you did a great job putting it all together. I'm so glad he had such a great time. Good idea on the candles hehe. Sounds like all in all it was a great party and Zack got what he wanted.