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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moving Week... Excuse My Absence Y'all

This week I am in the process of moving, and even taking the few minutes to write this is killing me, haha. Not really, but I know I should be packing, and I am very easily distracted. Sooo...this week Nanny will be taking over for me, and in addition to her weekly blog post, she will be doing a special interactive post on moving, and all of the important tips and things that we can sometimes forget. I hope y'all enjoy this discussion, and I want you to feel free to comment with your thoughts, ideas, and awesome tips...that I know you all have for me :) So next, Nanny will be posting her thoughts and ideas, and then it is your turn! Have fun y'all, and wish me luck! (It is supposed to rain on moving day, yuck!)

Till next time...


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