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Friday, October 14, 2011

Movin, Movin, Movin...

Good morning to all you beautiful bloggers and blog readers and followers of blogs out there.   What a beautiful morning it is here in Missouri. Heather and her family are all moved into their new house. I say all moved in with tongue in cheek! Getting it moved in is the easy part.  Now is unpacking, putting away, and in place, which can take a week or two.  It's been an exhausting week for them. Packing, moving, unpacking, arranging and organizing again.

Moving can be overwhelming, but it does not need to be.  Being an" Ex-Military Wife", I know just how traumatic moves can be.  When you are being moved by professional movers,  it is a little easier because you don't have to pack anything.  Then comes the unpacking;  moving company packers tend to pack everything from different rooms together.  YIKES!  At least that was my experience with them.

Over the years of moving often, some long distance and some not so long distance I have developed my own set of rules for moving.  Heather thought it would be fun to share them and then have you tell what your moving experiences have been like and any other ideas, tips, or advice you might have.  So here we go...

FIRST:  Always make a list of things that need to be done prior to move.  (And then follow it....tee hee)

1.  Sort and throw out everything you no longer want.  (Example:  kids broken toys, mismatched socks, clothes that no longer fit).  You 'd be amazed and how many bags of "STUFF" you can get rid of by either donating or throwing them out.

2.  Make a menu for meals up until the day of the move....this way you can pack all the dishes, pots and pans and staple food items you won't need until your actual moving day.

3.  Next start a tote or suitcase for each  family member.  Include enough clothing items, toiletries, toys etc.  for the days prior to move.  Then everything else can be packed.

4.  When we have moved ourselves I like to pack each room separately (as much as possible). Then I mark the outside of the boxes with the room and contents of the box.  (Note:  It helps to list contents as you put them in or you find yourself unpacking to see what you put in the box).

5.  If you find you have space left in boxes of things like knickknacks you can always put pillow cases, hand towels, doilies and such in on top.

6.  I always try to pack one box that contains one set of sheets, blanket, pillow cases, etc, for each bed at the new house.  This makes it much easier the day you move in....saves a lot of search time.  I also put in towels, wash clothes and personal bath items for each person.

7.  My children and grand-children always say I can pack more in one box than they've ever seen anyone do.  I always get a laugh out of that.  Guess it comes with practice and moving so many times over the years.

I was going to do a very detailed list, but I ran across a list of moving tips from Movers-Edge.com . This is a great list for all kinds of moves and I would recommend you print it out to use if you are faced with a move in the near future.  And if by chance you are... " HAPPY MOVING".

    Until next time Hugs and Best Wishes


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