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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Plate Wall...

I have been seeing these awesome elegant plate wall designs all over the internet and the blogosphere lately... so of course I had to try one myself, giggles. I did up this little tutorial to show you how I painted my own plates and even made my own little plate hangers...on the cheap!

I started out with 7 white plates from dollar tree of various shapes and sizes. Then I taped off my designs and began to paint away!

Once I got all of the designs painted on, I laid them out on the table (excuse the mess) in the arrangement that I wanted on my wall.

Next, this is the crazy part...I am cheap, I mean super cheap! I refused to go and buy plate hangers that would cost more than the plates themselves. Soo... I took pop can tabs, and beer bottle caps (that I was collecting for who knows what). Then I hot glued them to the back of the plates. Like this:

Finally, last but not least, I hung them on the wall (praying the hot glued tabs would hold) with regular picture hanging nails, and this is the finished product: 

                         And yes, the tabs held! Hooray!

Well let me know what y'all think...I always love to hear your opinions and suggestions

Till next time...


Patty said...

That is super cute! I can't believe you used those tabs and they held! That is genius!
I am awarding you with a Leibster award. Check it out at my blog.

Heather Champion said...

Love, love your glog. Made me smile just reading it.