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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nanny's Corner: Scrap Booking Fever!

Today I thought perhaps I would talk about scrap booking.  I've always been an avid photographer when it comes to family functions and everyday life.  What I was not good at was dating my photos and journaling them.

My journey into scrap booking actually began about six years ago when my mother-in-law passed away.  Has anyone else ever received a huge box of pictures and/or photo albums or both when a parent or loved one passed away?  That's what happened to my husband and I.  We began looking through the pictures and the albums and my husbands response was repeatedly "I don't recognize anyone" or I have no clue when or where this was taken".  I made a vow right then and there that I was going to leave more of a legacy for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

A friend of mine is a consultant with "Creative Memories".  I attended one of her classes and I was hooked.  I decided that I was going to start scrapbooking and journaling all of our pictures.  I do not want to leave the same kind of mess for my family as my mother-in-law did for hers.  So needless to say, I had a huge task ahead of me.  I decided to go back to 1979, which is when my husband and I reconnected after being engaged as teenagers.  Another story, for another time.

I began by doing one year at a time, matting, journaling and embellishing my pages until I was satisfied with them.  It's been a long process, but I am almost current.  I say that with tongue in cheek.  I'm almost finished with 2010.  Then I will be ready for this year.  However, I still have the 90's to complete.  Those were such busy, fun filled years I had a difficult time remembering what we did which year.  I believe I finally have it as near as it's gonna get.  After I finish catching up and am current I will tackle those years.

My husband loves looking at each album after it is completed. He always asks me how I can remember what happened way back then. My response is always I have to do it now while I can still remember.  Someday these albums may be the only memory I have.  Fortunately, for now I have a pretty good memory.

I love scrap booking.....it gives me such a feeling of contentment and satisfaction to see my completed albums.  I hope that someday my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will appreciate them as much as I have enjoyed doing them.  I have actually gotten two of my granddaughters and one of my daughters into scrap booking with me.  I buy my scrap booking supplies from many different venues.  I find that if I determine which pictures I am going to scrap book, then I can decided what embellishments, matting pages, etc. I want to use.  If I don't have a particular embellishment, I go on line and find a clip art that works and print and cut it out.  My son bought me my first Cricut Machine.  I've since passed that one on to Heather and bought a larger one, which I love.

Below are a few pages from my 2010 album I wanted to share with you.  It gives you an idea of the kind of pages I do. My sincere hope is that in sharing my ideas with you, you will take that first step and start scrap booking your pictures.  Good luck and good scrapping!  Have fun, let the creative juices flow.  There are no limits to what you can accomplish if you just set your mind to it.

                                                   My oldest great-grandson getting a lesson with his
                                                      first shave.
                                                 This is a memory to cherish forever.  That first bike 
                                                           ride without training wheels!
                                            Our little skate board champ..if Bubba can do it
                                                        so can I.
                                           Dad letting the kiddos get there hands in the thick of
                                                      a mechanics job.
                                         Cheerleading for the first graders.  What a blast they had.

                                                 Doesn't this one just speak to your inner-child?

   Hugs and Best Wishes,

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