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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the season for...Trees!!

So I have really been slacking here lately, my apologies. So much bustle around my house getting ready for Christmas. Actually, it kinda looks like Christmas came and puked inside my house! Such a sparkly mess...but it will get better, of this I am sure. The first order of business in  my house, is the tree, which is finally up and beautified...pictures will be coming soon. (I only have night shots of it, and really want to show all of the beautiful blues and silvers in the daytime) So in the spirit of Christmas, and of giving myself a HUGE small pat on the back for getting our tree up, I have scoured the net in search of some beautiful, and some very unique Christmas trees. Here ya go y'all!

So Victorian, I love this one..

This one reminds me of Charlie Brown, adorable!

What?!? Still love it though!

This little one makes me shiver..brrr!

This one just looks so fun!!

I really like this one, and I am not a huge fan of white trees, but WOW!

I hope y'all got some yuletide inspiration from these great trees, and don't forget to check out Nanny's Corner for the beautiful Poinsettia tree. Also, I will be posting next my awesome Santa wreath, and some other pretty ones I have seen along the way! Happy decorating!

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