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Monday, July 23, 2012


Just another Manic Monday! Today we are partying hard! Well at least we will think about partying, hehe! I have put together some of my favorite kids birthday party themes that we have had in our ginormous family, and want to share them with y'all. Trust me, I know how stressful planning a kid's birthday party can be, from figuring out a theme, to decorating, and making the cake. So hopefully some of our ideas, will help spark some of your own creativity!

First, we will look at a princess party. What little girl doesn't want to have a princess party?!? 

This cake is the one I did for Hailey's princess party..the newest princess party. (she has had three of them all together, lol!)

                                                             Make a wish little princess!
For her third birthday I did a really fun princess cake, using a round glass bowl to bake the cake in, and a small round cake pan for the bottom of the dress, then just added half a barbie to the top, and icing all over for the dress (which by the way, the hubs really thought the icing on the barbie's top was amusing)...soo much fun!
I know some of you may remember our "Zack Ops" party we had for my army/video game obsessed son. Here is a reminder for some of you who may not have seen the cake and the invites that I came up with for this one. It was soo much fun!

Oh, and then there was the last party we had for Hailey, who is currently 8 and obsessed with the whole Zebra stripes craze! But let me tell you, I had a blast doing that party! It was my second attempt with cake pops, and the first (and probably last) HUGE sleepover with EVERY single one of her girlfriends. Thanks to one of my best friends, Desiree, and my Nanny...we all survived, hehe.
Here is the damage on that one:

The cake pops were super easy to make, no baking involved (which is a bonus for me for sure, since I am definitely NOT the baker in this family) The zebra bricks were actually just green foam blocks from the floral department, and I painted them white with the black zebra stripes. I was pretty proud of this party! Super cute, and super cheap! I actually only spent just over 20 bucks on this one, including cake pops and decor. Oh, and by the way...that is Nanny behind my counter, the one from Nanny's Corner!

I have made a couple of cakes for one of my best friends, Crystal and her kids. Actually it has turned into a tradition, that any time she or her kids have a birthday, I make the cake. Here are what some of them have been.

This one was a fun wrestling ring cake for C.J.

And this one was a lot of fun too, Jaiden's Motorcycle Racing cake!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I really hope y'all got some good inspiration here, and if there are any details or instructions you would like, just let me know in  the comments, and I will be sure to give you whatever info you need. See Ya Wednesday!

Till next time...

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