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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wacky Wednesday! ~ Awesome Chore Chart!

Morning everyone, and Happy Hump Day! Hope y'all are doing well. So, recently I became tragically aware of how badly we needed to come up with a good system to keep track of the little ones' chores. They have a tendency to become distracted very easily, and forget their chores...sometimes right after I tell them what they are supposed to do...go figure!

So I broke in my brand spankin' new Cricut Mini (with this awesome cartridge for chores) and came up with this cute chore chart system. I went to dollar tree (my absolute FAVE store) and got one piece of the really thick foam poster board. Then I chose which chores we needed to have for each child from the Cricut cartridge. I picked some cute papers and cut all of the chores with my Cricut. I also used one of my favorite fonts to cut each of their names, and the words Chore Chart. 

After I had everything cut, and the layout figured out, I cut the foam board in half. Then I laminated each cut out and each piece of foam board (after laying out the lettering on the board). I was trying to figure out a good way to stick their chores onto the chart, and ended up opting for the small velcro dots, that way they can put on and take off daily.

Last, but not least, I added a baggie at the bottom of each chart for the chores to be stored in. This has been working very well for them. They absolutely love being able to put them up by themselves after each chore is completed. Not to mention the fact that now, if they forget their chores, all they have to do is get them out of the baggies and see exactly what they have left to do! No more bugging Momma, or having to nag them! Priceless :) 

In case any of you are wondering how they are rewarded, this is our system: If they complete all of their chores on their chart in one day, I add a star on the side of their chart using a dry erase marker. Each star is worth one dollar, up to 5 max per week. That gives them the opportunity to earn 5 dollars per week, and encourages them to finish all of them daily, instead of skipping one or two.  

I hope this helps give you some inspiration for your own chore systems. I am also always open to new ideas if anyone has any to share! Have a great rest of your day y'all!

 Till next time...

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