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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another day in the life...

Morning all! So I have to tell you all what happened to me last night. I had been in the hospital all morning with chest pains, I know, I am way too young for that stuff, but I have a history of heart problems starting back when I was about 13. So anyways, after coming home, and lying down for a few hours, watching a couple of Lifetime movies...which, by the way are soo addicting, it's like a can of chips, once you have one, you have to have another... and another, giggles! Okay, so on with my story... After going between the hospital, and the bed all day long, I decided I was going to Wal-Mart to get some O.J. I was really craving that O.J. So I went as I was, pajamas, no bra, messed up hair, no makeup, and hospital bands still on. I walk through the front door, so far pretty much unnoticed, which was the plan, I really didn't want anyone to see me like this. Then I get to about the produce area when all of a sudden my feet came out from under me, one leg went to the side, sorta almost backwards, if that even makes sense...and the rest of me was flat on my back. So much for going incognito...I was suddenly surrounded by well-meaning passer-bys, trying to help me up. Well, I was so embarrassed about how I looked, and of course falling in front of everyone, that I just told the Wal-Mart employee that I was okay, I really just wanted to get out of there. With my O.J. of course. But oh man, by the time I got home, my ankle, my knee, and my back were hurting so bad it made it hard to sleep. So now I guess  I am debating on whether or not to go to the doc, and then, if I do, should they be the ones to pay for it??? After all, the floor was soaking wet right where I fell, and there was no sign, at least not until after I fell. I just don't know. Any advice anyone can give me? I know this is not a very informative, or educational post for any of you, but I promise I will try and get something fun on here tomorrow, plus we will have another Nanny's Corner coming up soon. Alright y'all, now I am off to take care of the hubby, who is now in the same ER I was in yesterday with a very bad migraine...just another day in the lives of the Champion's. 

 Till next time...

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