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Monday, January 25, 2010

Thoughts on becoming ......30, ouch!

It has recently hit me that I am going to be...I guess I can say it...30. I have to give my DH props because when he saw my face as I began typing this blog he ever so sweetly said, "But honey, why are you so depressed about turning 24??". Twenty-four, that is what age I like to tell people I still am, and my children, bless their hearts, tell everyone that is how old I am too. I think the reason I picked 24 is because it was my favorite age to be...not old, but yet not still "a kid". It was how old I was when I met my husband, and also the age I was when I really began to truly settle down. 24...that was such a great year. Now I am facing the impending doom of becoming 30. Everyone is telling me it is no big deal, it is not that bad....yeah right! I can remember my own mother's thirtieth birthday, and I also remember how OLD she seemed to me. At that time I could never imagine myself actually being that old....To Be Continued...
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