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Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween??? Ohhhh Yes!

Halloween always starts early at our house...really early. My kids actually had our front door decorated for Halloween Mid-August. I know, that is really early...but we Looove Halloween! All of the spooky decorations, the dressing up as someone else, it is a blast! So, I have been trolling the web for some cute and easy Halloween Ideas. I figure i will find them, and then when we actually try them out, I will share them with the rest of you. (along with our experience of making them..good...or bad). So, to start things out, I will show you all our front door decoration. This photo is of the door in the daytime, I will try to get a night time pic when I charge my camera battery...and I am obviously a procrastinator...giggle... giggle... Oh, and by the way...Crayola Window Markers, 8 pack, $4.00. Can't beat that!

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1 comment:

Karen said...

I love your door. What a unique way to design your pumpkin and as you say very inexpensive. I would think it will last longer than the stick on ones.